After the old hatred, Xhensila Myrtezaj makes peace with the moderator: I am not vindictive

After a statement by the well-known moderator from Kosovo, Alaudin Hamiti, Xhensila Myrtezaj refused to go to the show “Night Shift”, despite numerous invitations. In one of the episodes of the show, Alaudin was asked to choose the singer he likes less or who has less talent between Elvana, Tuna and Xhensila and he said Xhensila’s name.

Since then, Xhensila did not accept the invitation to be part of the show “NIN”, as she had hatred left. However, at last, her anger subsided and yesterday she was present on the show in front of Alauddin. Of course, there was no way she could not talk about her hatred with the moderator, saying that she has been angry for some time, but she is not vindictive.

“Now we know each other even better, because sometimes some inappropriate impressions are created there from the rest of the screen … there is always room for change and improvement. Most of all thank you for the many invitations you have made to me. “Maybe this was the right moment for me to come,” said Xhensila, while Alaudini has shown that he has introduced many people who have influenced Xhensila to persuade to go to the show, among them the well-known make-up artist, Sellma.

“To be honest … I am a man who is not so cold-blooded and leaves the right moment for that anger to subside. I am never vindictive! ”

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